The Science Behind NewJoint

 NewJoint doesn’t use ingredients found in your run of the mill joint relief supplements. Our industry leading research and development means new compounds in precise concentrations for maximum joint relief without side effects.

Your safety is assured because NewJoint is a product of Wellness Research Group, a specialized organization comprised of health professionals that focus exclusively on natural, safe, and effective solutions to improve your quality of life. Years of research in ancient medicine, modern science, and clinical experience went into NewJoint. NewJoint is gluten free and vegan.

Imagine taking two capsules a day and being able to be active and at your best. NewJoint was created from the latest research in connective tissue to go above and beyond the first generation glucosamine, MSM, and chrondroitin type products. Instead of just masking the problem, NewJoint’s three powerful ingredients work together for fast relief and life long joint improvement.

Finally, a maximum strength formula from just two easy to swallow capsules a day. Most people feel NewJoint immediately, with maximum results usually experienced after 90 days of daily use.